Defending Your Online Reputation

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When people lived in small villages, and merchant A said something rude to consumer B, the gossip mill carried that information to the edge of town, and sometimes beyond. Then cities grew, mail order houses proliferated, and you could have customers angry with you and no one knew.

Now, if you have a problem with a customer, it’s back to the gossip mill, but this time the gossip mill is electronic, immediate and potentially permanent. Irate customers can open a website just to complain about you or your business; post a bad review on any number of “post your review” websites such as Amazon, TripAdvisor, AngiesList or many others; or post their rant on their weblog. And it’s very scary when you see that happen.

Dealing With Difficult People Online

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When you walk down the street and see someone acting a bit strangely do you go over and say “Hey, buddy, you’re sure acting strangely?” Or do you walk past them quickly, or even cross the street? What if they yell (or even mutter) an obscenity? Most people do walk by, and for good reason. [...] Continue Reading…

Dear Governor Brown… what part of economics 101 did you fail?

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For the seventh year running, California has been ranked the WORST state in which to do business according to a survey by Chief Executive Magazine. So let me make this simple. Businesses make money, and spend a lot of that money on tax attorneys to find ways to pay less taxes. You don’t like that, [...] Continue Reading…

Imperfect Pixelating Prejudices Protection

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Journalists and others have been pixelating pictures for ages to “protect the innocent” and themselves from claims of invasion of privacy, defamation etc. In the old days of hard copy everything, pixelating was static and the only thing that could make a pixelated picture not look pixelated was poor eyesight. Say What? Seriously, if you’re [...] Continue Reading…

When work and hobbies collide

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I know it’s terribly trite to say “I love my work” but the fact that I do came home to me when I was not home, but on vacation. We spent a glorious couple of days at Rough Creek Lodge. I relaxed and had a great time, but spent a lot of my time at [...] Continue Reading…

Buying a Business? Now could be the right time.

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With some signs that the economy is picking up, there are bargains to be had everywhere. Real estate is still low, and so are business values. But if you have some cash, or even just a business that has weathered the storm, now might be a good time to look around at some of your [...] Continue Reading…

Minority or Woman Owned Business Certification

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With a tight economy, small businesses need every advantage they can get.  If you’re the owner of a small business and are a minority or woman, being certified as a Minority or Woman Owned Business can be useful. First, it’s important to know that there are two types of certification. You can be certified by [...] Continue Reading…

Things to ask your accountant and insurance agent

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For those of you with sole proprietorships, when you speak with your accountant in preparation of filing your taxes, be sure to ask whether it’s time to incorporate. This is worth asking every year. Please ask your insurance agent the same question. It might be possible that by creating a separate entity like a corporation [...] Continue Reading…

California Secretary of State Delay Update

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We’ve talking about the delays in getting paperwork processed by the California Secretary of State.  Just before the new year things were getting caught up. But because of the number of new filings at or near the new year, they are falling behind again.  As of February 18, 2011 the Secretary of State was exactly [...] Continue Reading…

Compliance Services – 2011 Rip Off/Scam #2

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Today’s our day for getting these “We’ll do form minutes for you” letters. This one is an improvement over the other in one way, but also a bigger risk. …