Welcome to my blog. I write about business and law (not surprising since I’m a business law attorney). Some areas I emphasize are independent contractor issues and telecommuting. These posts are cleverly found under the business & law categories.

I also write about travel, which is my hobby, and when I do travel I try to post regular updates and pictures. My travel stuff is under the slipperati category.  Actually all of my personal, rather than work related posts are categorized as slipperati.

Slipperati is a word I made up for people who work in their slippers (at home) and are therefore very happy people indeed.

Many of my older posts were created on different platforms, and many didn’t convert easily, or neatly.  I also deleted many categories.  Sorry for the disarray, but it’s just not worth spending the time to re-format them all.

Please note this is my blog. As such, it’s not your blog. I therefore reserve the right to delete comments. If this bothers you, feel free to post your comments on your blog.