OK, now THIS is a funny scam

July 7th, 2011 by admin Business & Law, Scams No responses

As some of you know, I try to post scams that have to do with small businesses in California. Usually they are actually legitimate, if somewhat slimy businesses that send letters that look like official State of California documents asking for 10 to 20 times the filing fee for very basic corporate documents.

I hate to see small businesses pay $200 to file a short, fill-in the blanks form that clients can file themselves for $25. Even if I do it for a client it will only cost $25 or $50 dollars in fees plus the filing fee so $200 is a total rip off.

Of course, like anyone living in the world today I get my share of real scams – people who have money secreted all over the place and if I will send them $XX,XXX dollars as a bond they will send me $Y,YYY,YYY dollars to hide/invest/protect, of which I will get a heft percent as a hiding, investing or protecting fee.

But wow, from one of Muammar Gaddafi’s wives? Of course if I were said wife of Muammar Gaddafi the first person I would run to if I had a problem would be a sole practitioner female Jewish attorney in s small town in California. Yes sir, how they found just the right person I do not know.

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