Dear Governor Brown… what part of economics 101 did you fail?

May 8th, 2011 by admin Business & Law No responses

For the seventh year running, California has been ranked the WORST state in which to do business according to a survey by Chief Executive Magazine.

So let me make this simple. Businesses make money, and spend a lot of that money on tax attorneys to find ways to pay less taxes. You don’t like that, so you try to find ways to make them pay more taxes. Right? But think about this. It’s a little complex so turn off the TV. A business that moves out of state pays NO TAXES TO CALIFORNIA.

So here’s the choice: Get rid of those big bad businesses and put everyone in California on welfare, which will be funded by… no one. OR figure out how to get businesses into California so they can pay SOME taxes, hire lots of people, pay wages which said employees will use to spend money in, of all places, California.

Got it? Yes there will be a test. It’s called the California economy over the next few years. Please don’t fail us.

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